Disconnecting by Aditi Loveridge

Disconnecting  by Aditi Loveridge


by Aditi Loveridge

In February, my family (husband, daughter, my parents, my sister and my aunt) all headed to Mexico, right in time to miss a huge snow storm back home (we could not have planned it better had we tried!) And oh, what a glorious time it was!

Watching my family bond with one another and seeing everything through the eyes of my daughter was an unbelievable experience. However, one of the things I enjoyed the most was completely disconnecting. We only had Wifi in the hotel room, so all day we were 100% engaged in whatever it was that we were doing. Without the distraction of my phone (texts and social media),

I didn’t miss a single moment.

I was totally present for my daughter’s first solo swim in the pool. And I was completely present to see the joy on my father’s face when he got to live out his dream of taking his grandchild into the ocean for her first real swim.

I didn’t miss a single thing. Not one. I was completely and wholeheartedly IN the moment, not just going through it.

I must say, it felt good, REALLY good.
Of course, I can’t disconnect completely at home–my phone needs to be used. I run my own business that relies on it. Social media has been an amazing tool that keeps me connected to a large and inspiring parenting and loss community. It gives so many stories and voices a platform.

BUT this trip made me realize that I do need to be more mindful of how I am using my phone.

I find myself mindlessly opening up my phone and perusing Facebook. This alone is not a bad thing, but sometimes the things I am reading do not serve me. They make me feel inadequate, and I compare myself, my family, and our journey to people I know very little about. I sometimes (ok, I often) leave Facebook or other social media platforms feeling LESS THAN. And I miss out on the moments that continue to happen all around me.

Because guess what?

Life doesn’t stop while I am updating my status.
This vacation taught me that though my business relies heavily on my social media presence, my life is demanding me to be present. So I am going to try and remind myself that disconnecting doesn’t always require a plane ride to another country. Sometimes it is as simple as going offline long enough to take in the view around me.

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