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Lactation Educators

Our MilkMaids objective is to provide new and soon-to-be parents, the tools and knowledge,to help them define their own meaning of Breastfeeding Success. Between one-on-oneconsultations and group support, we are able to provide women with a secure environment where they receive guidance, education and support from our Lactation Educators to help them achieve a fulfilling breastfeeding experience. Not every baby and mother are born breastfeeding champions, more often than not, there is a learning curve. The MilkMaids team will be by your side throughout your journey.

As Lactation Educators:

  • We bridge the gap between learning to breastfeed and the adjustment period of having a newborn in your life.
  • We provide immediate service, if needed, where we come to you and provide private counsel in the secure comfort of your home.
  • We collaborate with you to help you establish a routine that best suites you.Throughout your Breastfeeding career, you may find you need guidance with your emotions, weaning, proper nutrition, supplementing, milk supply, milk storage guidelines, or perhaps you have questions or concerns about going back to work.

The Personal Breastfeeding Education Package Includes:

  • One 60 (sixty) minute-prenatal (before baby arrives) consultation in your home. This includes setting up your feeding “nest”, comprehensive breastfeeding education and discussing the importance and meaning of “Kangaroo Care”.
  • One on one, 2 hour consultation in your home once baby arrives. This appointment should ideally be booked within the first three days of baby being born. This includes support to help you navigate through your breastfeeding concerns

The SOS Breastfeeding Package Includes:

  • Offering immediate in home breastfeeding support within 24 hours of your initial call. This package is designed to offer effective and knowledgeable education to help address your breastfeeding challenges.

All of the breastfeeding packages include:

  • One month of text, phone and email breastfeeding support
  • One 60 (sixty)-minute follow-up in your home, two to four weeks after initial visit
  • Skype sessions are available if needed
  • The option for additional support hours if needed

If you need additional information, please contact us at or visit us on Facebook.