Success Stories

We are so blessed to have so many clients that have great things to say about the work we do. We love helping and healing and sharing our stories.  Here are some testimonials from happy clients that have worked with us.

Your Redefine Support Tribe

I can not say enough about how amazing Ashley was! As first time parents, both my husband and I had so many questions about birth and labour. On top of that I am a self proclaimed control freak- which I am sure you can guess is not the best for birthing! Ashley not only answered all our questions but was patient with us (well me!) talking out all the possible situations! When the time came, I was 2 weeks late and ended up going for an induction. Ashley was there the whole way. When I went into full blown labour she came immediately and to be honest, I think her presence was the reason my husband was so calm. Because she had prepared us with the information we needed, we both felt comfortable to make decisions when problems arose and we felt empowered to make calls that were right for us. Ashley became like a member of the family and I can't imagine my birth experience without her. Plus- she took pictures/videos which allowed us to be in the moment and not worry about capturing it ourselves... now we have wonderful memories and I am so thankful for the photos she took. Thank you Ashley for helping us to create the most wonderful birthing experience! - Jaclyn and Jeremy

Aditi is a wonderful coach. I have a high risk pregnancy and am on bed rest. Working with Aditi has completely changed my "take" on my pregnancy. Before Aditi, I was drowned in worries, angry feelings, fears and what ifs. I had big fears around connecting with my baby. Aditi's gentle approach helped me to leave fears and worries aside. With her help, I have started seeing the little joys in my pregnancy journey. I am certain that I will keep working with Aditi throughout my pregnancy. Oh and, her meditation exercises rock! I am truly grateful for having Aditi's support. Thanks so much, Aditi!

Sevda from Toronto

We are on our third baby with Prima Doula. Ashley Johnson has met and exceeded all our expectations during all three pregnancies.

Not only is she a professional she also has become a dear friend to share in and support during these overwhelming experiences.

Having Ashley with us for the birth of our first child was priceless, I remember being so nervous. Her nurturing personality made us feel comfortable and assured us we could do this.

After delivering our second baby I suffered from post-delivery hemorrhaging. None of the nurses took the time to explain that something was wrong. Ashley was my hero during this time. Her calm and assuring demeanor and advice allowed me to stand up for myself, ask questions and receive the correct treatment ultimately.

Now we are on baby number three with her. There was the possibility of a breech birth. And again because of Ashley’s professionalism and knowledge she was able to get us the information we needed to make our decision and put our minds at ease.

Ashley Johnson’s versatility in customizing her play book during your pregnancy is unmatched by any other birth coach and would be an invaluable addition to your team.

Mike and Jana



I sit here trying to find the words to describe how truly incredible Jordan is as a doula. I honestly don't think it is possible to explain to you here how amazing this women is!

Jordan has been our doula for the births of both our sons. She is both extremely knowledgable and experienced. She makes surety meet with you and your husband/family and few times before the actual birth. During this time, she listens to all of your wants and needs and answers all questions you may have. This was such a great introduction for us but it was nothing compared to how she was at the birth of our sons.

I can still remember the look of fear in my husbands face the day my eldest son was born. He kept running back and forth from the window to see if Jordan had arrived yet. I should also mention, it wasn't a long time.. He just was nervous. I was also feeling stressed, nervous and clearly in pain. The only way I can describe to you how I felt when Jordan showed up was just a complete sense of calm. The whole atmosphere changed when she walked through the door! She knew different positions that helped and pressure points that would immediately calm my tense nerves. Through all those painful contractions, Jordan was their with her warm soft voice, guiding me through the pain. With both pregnancies we were able to have natural and intervention free births because of Jordan. We were also able to spend almost all of the labour time at home and only 1-2 hours in the hospital. She new ahead of time what our wishes were and made sure that the doctors and nurses were aware of this. I found this to be very helpful. Jordan is just filled with so much wisdom, energy, and kindness and knows just when to step up and when to back away during such an intensely intimate time. Not only was she their for me throughout the labour process, but she also made sure I was completely comfortable after. She made sure breastfeeding was going well and basically everything else that comes with a new born. She even made sure to go and grab me some food! She took full and complete care of me. This was really great for my husband so that he could just sit with me, relax and take in every second of the amazing experience.

If you are thinking of having a doula, seriously give Jordan a chance. You will not regret it at all!!

Donna S

Jordan was an amazing support for my daughter. Her level of carrying and kindness was above anything I could have imagined. I highly recommend her for your new journey.

Donna S

A great service to get you ready and help build confidence for the big day. Great for dads to learn about what moms going through and how to help her when she needs you the most. Having a doula definitely made the delivery of our baby just that much more special. Its a day i will never forget. Thanks Jordan.

Stacey L

Prima Doulas came very highly recommend and they did not disappoint. I had a completely stress free labour which made for a wonderful bonding experience with my husband. We have talked about adding to our family in the future and will be calling these ladies up the minute we find out we are pregnant.

Stacey L
Jessica R

Jordan helped my husband and I through the delivery of both of our babies! Her guidance and attention throughout the whole process was invaluable! Having a baby is of course the most intense experience any human goes through not only physically, but emotionally as well. Jordan takes that experience and turns it into a beautiful one! Best decision we ever made! Love you Jordan!

Jessica R

I have been working with Aditi for a couple months and she has made a tremendous impact in my life and my healing process. I have suffered two miscarriages over the past year and deeply struggled with the losses. I was often consumed with anxiety, sadness and loneliness during the grieving process. Some days I found it hard to get out of bed and stay motivated to keep moving forward. I lost my sense of hope and faith. However, Aditi has been a constant support during this journey and provided me with multiple tools to help me grow stronger. She has helped heal my heart from fear and anxiety. I cannot thank Aditi enough for her wonderful insight, support and encouragement during this emotional journey. My husband and I are trying again and Aditi has guided me through every emotional fall and hurdle along the way. She is a constant presence and always there to help me outside our scheduled coaching sessions. She has provided me with so much insight, not only into the losses but also my life moving forward. The meditations, affirmations and gratitude journal are just a few of the many tools that Aditi has provided to me and I will continue to utilize after this process. I am so grateful to have met Aditi and been inspired by her own personal story. I am forever thankful!!

Liz, Coaching Client

Aditi acted as an incredible source of support both prior to, during, and after the birth of my son. As a first time parent I was unaware of what to consider for my birthing plan, and Aditi was able to provide me with the information I needed for a wonderful birthing experience. During my labor and delivery Aditi supported both myself and my husband through encouragement and supportive massage techniques- she really went above and beyond. I can’t wait to have her with me again for the birth of my future children!


Aditi supported my family and myself after the birth of my second child. She was an incredible blessing to have during the emotional & exhausting weeks that followed my delivery. Having shared similar birth experiences, she was nurturing & very easy to relate to. She just got me. I truly felt she exceeded expectations and was there to provide support in every aspect that I needed at that time. She always made herself available & accessible even when we didn’t have a planned visit. Having Aditi’s services was the best decision I made for my postpartum period. I will always be grateful for Aditi’s support.


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