What Does TRIBE Mean to You? By Aditi Loveridge

What Does TRIBE Mean to You? By Aditi Loveridge

What Does TRIBE Mean to You? By Aditi Loveridge

After the birth of my daughter I had never felt so alone in my life. The postpartum anxiety I was experiencing kept me captive.

Who I thought I was, was lost to me.

Then one day when my daughter was 4 months old a woman who I merely knew as an acquaintance came over with her 9-month-old son. She came with Starbucks and open arms. She didn’t know about the many emotions I was experiencing, yet she provided a safe space for me to talk about them. She listened when I needed an ear and calmed me down when the anxiety bubbled up. She quickly became my person. And I became hers. I didn’t know it at the time, but my tribe was birthed that day.

Since then, my tribe has continued to grow beyond measure.  From the woman who lent an ear when I cried after my daughters first day of preschool, to the women I am now lucky to call my business partners. These women have become powerful members of my tribe.

We speak the same “language”. They understand me as a woman and as a mother. When I’m in their presence I truly feel seen. Though all of our paths into motherhood have been very different, we have all ended up in the same place; putting one foot in front of the other moving forward. Setting things down that no longer serve us. We share in each other’s challenges and triumphs. We hold one another up when the world seems intent on pulling us down. These women help ground me in times of uncertainty and they nurture me back to wholeness in times of heartbreak. I am reminded of just how powerful we are, especially when I struggle to see it in myself.

So, “What does TRIBE mean to me?” 

They are the women who help guide me back to myself.

I would not and could not have survived this journey into motherhood without the women I have met along my journey; the women who have welcomed me into their hearts. They have been by my side helping me navigate motherhood’s twists and turns.

When I have felt completely lost, a stranger in my own skin, they shine a light for me, helping me find my way back. In them I am found. And as long as they are by my side, I am home.



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